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Syrian, Palestinian Artists Depict Adherence to Homeland in " The Road to al-Quds' Exhibition

Around 60 art works made by 30 Syrian and Palestinian artists have been featured in "The Road to al-Quds' exhibition opened Monday in Damascus within the activities of the 3rd Palestine International Festival for Art and Culture to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the Nakba Day (The Day of Catastrophe).

The works depict adherence to land, homeland and heritage, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), which clarified that there is a large wall mural showing the Dome of the Rock, the occupied al-Quds city [Jerusalem], Palestinian children throwing stones, Palestinian woman and her sacrifices for homeland and olive tree that represents steadfastness.

 The agency quoted Secretary of Alliance of Palestinian Resistance Forces  Khalid Abdul Majeed as saying: "Today's activity is being held on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Nakba Day, which we call the Return Day…The artists depict pains of Palestinian and Syrian peoples, steadfastness, resistance and victories."

The exhibition reflects the will of Palestinian and Syrian peoples to confront the aggressive war being waged against them, he added, referring to the national connection between the two brotherly peoples.

Chairman of Palestinian Visual Artists Union Abdul Mo'ati Abo Zied said that similar exhibitions are being held at the same time in many countries in order to tell the whole world that there is a world campaign to return to Palestine no matter how long it takes.

The Syrian artist Salam al-Ahmad said that she expressed her solidarity with Palestinian artists through drawing a united Palestinian family in order to reflect national unity between the two brotherly peoples [Syrians and Palestinians] and to say that Syria has never forgotten Palestine despite the ongoing war on it [Syria].

Basma Qaddour