Lebanese Journalist: My Book Proves Syria Faces Big Colonial Scheme

The story of war on Syria, regional and international circumstances, anti -resistance camp  and terrorism are the main topics, which the Lebanese journalist Thorayya Assi has talked about in her book entitled 'Tale of War'.

According to the state-run Tishreen newspaper [in Arabic], the 676-page book contains articles published by the writer since 2011 till 2016.

"Since 2011, the vision has been clear for me. The so-called revolution was but a big colonial scheme to destroy and fragment Syria  and to deflect it away from resistance track in order to protect Israel," Assi said.

 "At that time, I have backed Syria and its war against terrorism and its supporters," she added, describing what is going on in Syria as unprecedented 'global war' against steadfast Damascus.

"Today, we have to salute Syrian Arab army and all martyrs, who have offered their blood to defend Syria," the Lebanese journalist said. 

Thorayya Assi had worked as a correspondent for Lebanese newspapers during the civil war in Lebanon, made many interviews with Arab and world dignitaries, and participated in covering several Arab and international conferences.

She signed her book last Thursday at al-Assad Library in Damascus in the presence of Syria's Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Turjman, Deputy Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs Faisal Mikdad, Editors-in-Chief and journalists.  

Basma Qaddour