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'Candles of Bestowal' Fest. Honors Local and Foreign Dignitaries, Institutions Contributed to Confronting Terror War on Syria

Whispers Group in cooperation with several public, private and civil parties organized Sunday a festival in the Damascus Opera House where many Syrian and Foreign dignitaries and institutes that contributed to confronting the terror war on Syria were honored.

The festival, entitled 'Candles of Bestowal', also included a caricature exhibition showing Arab inaction against the hegemony of the United States that claims fighting terrorism while it supports it by all means, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

 The agency indicated that a film depicting story of two Syrian soldiers injured during clashes with terrorist groups and another story of terror mortar attack on a school, was screened during the festival which included two speeches given by the Republic's Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahamd Badereddin Hasson and the Whisper Company's Director Abdulhamid al-Mani.

The speakers asserted that Syria will never forget its martyrs and it will remain the land of humanity and civilization.

Minister of Tourism, who attended the festival, gave shields of honor to Deputy Commander –in-Chief of Army and Armed Forces, Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs, Interior Minister, State Minister of National Reconciliation Affairs, several actors and actresses [Doreid Lahham, HosamTahsin Bik, Taher Mamelli, Nadin and Sulaf Fawakherji], Television Channels [Sama, Russia Today, al-Manar, al-Alam and al-Mayadeen], Director of General Commission of Martyrs' schools, Director general of Syrian TV channel, MP Jansit Qazan and others.

Basma Qaddour