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Training Workshops on Handicrafts Threatened by Extinction

Within the framework of its strategy aiming at reviving  and protecting traditional industries, the Ministry of Tourism  in cooperation with  the Syrian National commission for UNESCO, recently launched training workshops on handcrafts threatened by extinction. The workshops were launched within the project of the National Program for Sustainable Development of handicrafts.

The training workshops, which will last till May 27, are being held at the handicrafts market shops in Takiyeh al Sulaymaniyah and at the glass market in Bab Sharqi area.

 In a statement to SANA, Director of the project,  eng. Murhaf Abou Harb  stressed the importance of raising the awareness of the new generation on Syria's handcrafts  and on the need to preserve them.

He stressed the importance of training and qualifying the new generation by handicrafts experts, creating new attractive methods of producing handcrafts, encouraging and training women in rural areas and preserving the cultural heritage.

Eng. Abou Harb made it clear that the traditional industries are among the most important resources that support the national economy .He added that through their development programs, countries focus on this vital sector to benefit from it in diversifying tourism production resources and in promoting heritage all over the world, particularly if these countries have such an ancient and deep-rooted heritage like Syria.

 Abou Harb said that the Syrian traditional industries products attract Arab and foreign tourists who like to buy them due to the Syrian artisans' accurate work and high taste, due to their distinguished skills which are influenced by the richness and diversity of the Syrian heritage and natural raw materials and also due to their creative ability to benefit from this diversity.

The training courses cover the fields of oriental industries, the Damascene sword, wood, textiles and silk industries, painting, weaving carpets, ornament, embroidery, as well as pottery pots and ceramic works.

The National Program for Sustainable Development  of Handicrafts is a national heritage project which aims at protecting heritage and traditional handicrafts, boosting the skills of artisans and preserving the intangible cultural heritage.  It also aims at contributing to supporting sustainable tourism development.

Rawaa Ghanam