India Cultural Days in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST)- In consolidation of the Syrian-Indian cultural ties, the Syrian Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Indian Embassy in Damascus on Sunday opened the India Cultural days at the Opera House in Damascus.

 The activities of the event started with opening a photo exhibition  in which some photos depicted the spiritual values and meaning of the Himalaya Mounts in the Indian culture while some others identified Indian antiquities, temples and monuments. The opening ceremony also included folkloric dance, musical; and theatrical performances and an exhibition of handicrafts of which India is famous.

 In addition, the first day of the event witnessed opening a book fair dealing with the different aspects of the Indian cultural life and  screening a documentary on life in India, the development this country has achieved in ICT, cinema, and medicine, the religious rituals and the beauty of the Indian nature.

Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad said in a speech at the opening ceremony that the Syrian-India cultural ties are deep-rooted dating back to the days of the Silk Road across which the Syrian and Indian convoys carrying  goods from both countries passed.

India is a multi-religion and multi-ethnic country with deeply-rooted civilization which actually is a further element of strength, the minister said, pointing out that holding the Indian cultural days in Syria expresses the common desire of both countries to make the world of today free of wars, oppression and violence and to make all types of culture to be the most prestigious forms of dialogue among nations and the most sublime way for enhancing bilateral ties, according to the minister.

He added that the cultural days event is a step forward to deepen cultural and humanitarian dialogue between the peoples of the two countries.

On his part, the Indian Ambassador in Syria Man Mohan Bhanot reviewed aspects of the cultural and social life in India, the country which includes 900 languages and which organizes 60 major festivals and produces some 2000 movies every year .

He said that culture and the non-stopped festival spirit of the Indian people  are common factors that brings together the components of the Indian society.

Indian dancer Janhabi Behera and her musical band presented Indian classical dancing performance titled the "Odissi Dancer" reflecting the Indian heritage and culture.

Activities of the Indian Cultural Week  will continue till April 14 in Damascus, Lattakia and Homs simultaneously.

According to SANA, the Indian Odissi dance group on Saturday opened the 2017 Indian Cultural Days in Syria at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Lattakia.

Indian dancer Janhabi Behera, accompanied by four players, performed dances stemmed from the Indian heritage and culture.

Behera, in a statement to SANA, said that the group had great time and experience in Syria, thanking all staff and the Syrian people for all this hospitality and warm welcome despite the difficult circumstances.

Rawaa Ghanam