Syrian Female Visual Artists Link Past with Present in Art Exhibition

Some 30 Syrian female visual artists of different generations have linked the past with the present in paintings featured in an art exhibition opened Wednesday in al-Assad House for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

They retrieved the circumstances during which they drew paintings acquired by Ministry of Culture for decades. 

"For many years, Syrian artists have contributed to development  of visual art in the country," Deputy Minister of Culture Tawfiq al-Imam said during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, adding that the presence of female artists in the current circumstances proves Syrian women's steadfastness in confronting the terror war being waged on the country.

 He made it clear that the ministry held the exhibition in order to brief audiences on the importance of art store it has.

"Ministry of Culture has art collectibles that date back to 1960th and it has a new strategy to exhibit them ," the official asserted.

On her part, artist Batol Mawardi said the exhibition is an important step to meet veteran female artists, adding that her participation in the exhibition manifested in depicting beauty of Syrian nature in one of the towns in Tartous province. 

Since 1950, Syrian visual artists have participated in development of visual art and they left their own distinctive mark in this field.

Basma Qaddour