Female Artists in Sweida Depict Syrian Woman's Situation during Crisis

Three female artists in Sweida city have depicted situation of Syrian woman during the foreign-backed terror war on Syria in 30 art works featured in an art exhibition opened Monday in the culture center in the city. 

The exhibition comes within the continuous cultural activities being held in the city and it reflects its residents' adherence to their civilization in confronting the Takfiri thinking, according to Sweida Governor Amer al-Ashi, who attended the opening ceremony of the activity.

 The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) quoted Secretary of Baath Arab Socialist Party's Sweida Branch Yaser al-Shoufi as saying that the art works featured in the exhibition translate the reality of Syrian situation under the fierce terror war waged on the country.

"The artists depicted the key role of woman - without discriminating between man and woman -in achieving victory over terrorism," the Baathist official added.

On her part, the artist Samah Naqqour said that she depicted woman's life in the world of the unknown and her psychological suffering from the crisis in Syria. 

While the artist Maysaa Hnidi depicted the beauty of eastern woman and the worries of life.

The third female artist Wafaa la-Zoughbi used her expertise in  architecture engineering to show woman's inner feelings and emotions in art works.

Last Saturday, Syrian heritage festival kicked off in the same province in order to revive traditional crafts that represent Syria's history and civilization.

The eight-day event was organized by Directorates of Tourism and Culture in the province under the banner "ancestors' heritage is successors' identity and civilization'.

Basma Qaddour