Chinese Cinema Days in Syria to Boost Cultural Exchange

China's Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin has affirmed that the activities of Chinese Cinema Days, kicked off yesterday at the Opera House in Damascus, aim to activate the Syrian-Chinese cultural exchange. He saluted the steadfastness of Syrian people and government in confronting the terror war waged on the country.

He said during the opening ceremony of the Cinema Days that the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Damascus will hold more cultural activities in future, hoping to boost cultural and humanity exchange with Syria in all fields.

 "China is the third biggest producer of films ," the ambassador stressed.

On his part, Director-General of  the General Cinema Establishment Murad Shahin said that the Chinese cinema founded an artistic school that astonished critics and film lovers from East to West.

He underscored the need to activate cultural partnership between Damascus and Beijing, pointing out that cinema is the best way to convey the cultural traditions to the whole world.

Further activities

Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad told journalists that bilateral relations between the two friendly countries- Syria and China- date back to long years ago, referring to Syria's active role in all cultural and human activities.

"Chinese cinema shows civilized and human heritage of Chinese People," al-Ahmad added, asserting that there will be many activities with friendly countries in the coming days.

The opening ceremony of the 10-day activities, organized by Chinese Embassy and General Cinema Establishment, included a song in Chinese language, a photo exhibition depicting Chinese folklore, popular industries, archaeological sites and natural views.

The first film screened within the framework of the Chinese Cinema Days, which coincide with activities being held in several provinces in Syria, was the ' Storm Warriors' directed by the pang brothers.

The film is based on the comic book series 'Fung Wan' and it tells the story of two friends, Wind and Cloud, who find themselves up against a very powerful warlord intending to invade their country. In order to protect their land these two friends seek the help of the all-power master. Through extensive training wind and cloud expose themselves to the 'evil' ways to increase their powers of element. When the intensive battle begins their friends will be tested when one finds it hard to be righteous and easy to be evil.

Basma Qaddour