'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute Revives Cinema Club to Enhance Culture of Dialogue

Because of its believe in the influence and importance of cinema on peoples' thinking, the 'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute has revived cinema club in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the General Institute of Cinema.

The club will honour distinguished Syrian actors, actresses and films and it will be a chance for audiences to watch films in order to create a vision for reconstructing people's thinking in confrontation of terrorism, chairperson of the  'Ahfad Ashtar' Institute Dr. Aysar Midani said.

She made it clear that the cinema club will enhance the culture of dialogue.

 On her part, deputy chairperson of the institute Mrs. Dima Akkad said that the club will disseminate culture of life and survival, asserting that culture is a weapon supporting Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism.

The first Syrian actor honored by the institute on February 28thwas the late Rafiq Subaie- best known to audiences as Abu Sayyah. While, the first film honored on the same day was the 'Father' directed by Basil al-Khatib.

The film depicts the story of a father doing his utmost to bring his family out of a Syrian town besieged by the self -proclaimed Islamic State [also known as ISIS or ISIL or Daesh].

Mr. Kawthar Samaqeyeh, who attended the film screened yesterday in al-Kindi cinema in Damascus, said that she was shocked by the story of the film.

"How can the Syrian people stand together to get rid of the 'insects' [terrorists] and their supporters? Personally speaking, the Syrian army needs support to get rid of them," she said via WhatsApp of the club recently created by the institute. 

Basma Qaddour