Homs School Children Draw Smile and Challenge Terrorism

Over a month, the Syrian city of Homs has witnessed several activities to show normal life there and to tell the whole world that the Syrians will remain united.

The Baath Vanguards Organization has held a workshop on fine arts for children in the city.

The activity, which will last till February 14th, kicked off Thursday under the banner 'We draw a smile and challenge terrorism in Jasmine homeland'.

Around 25 school children, who are talented at painting and photography, are taking part in the workshop, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

 The agency quoted head of theater, music and popular arts office Imad Hallaq as saying that some children will draw cards calling for joining the Syrian Arab army- fifth corps.

Also in Homs, the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church on January 29 held an art exhibition within activities being held in the old city to tell the whole world that Homs city returned to normal life.

Director of the church's library Kefah Tanyous asserted that the exhibition will be held periodically to show obscured talents of young persons and to bring Syrians together.

"The library contains 2000 literature books and it receives students of different ages," Tanyous added.

During mid-semester break for students, Children Department in Homs Cultural Directorate organized recreation festival included plays, dances, games and contests.

About 110 children- aged between 4 and 17- performed a musical show about homeland pain and the hope of victory 

Basma Qaddour