Barada is the Paradise River Since the beginning of life on Earth God had created to each of His creatures another one that associates with.

 So when God created Adam He created Eve for him to mix with and construct life on Earth together. Here on this Earth where we live , when God created Barada River He created Damascus for it.

  This city that loved it, embraced its water in her womb and gave birth to one of the most beautiful gardens on Earth that dazzled the world for its beauty, splendor and civilization. We cannot talk Damascus unless we mention Barada and the fresh water of Al-Fijeh spring . Ancients called Barada the Paradise River.

Nowadays, the evil forces of darkness come to deprive Damascus of its Paradise and to strangle the source of life that gives Damascenes strength and power.

 The terrorists' war and hectic attacks failed to defeat the people's steadfastness and faith in their homeland and their leadership. They explode Al-Fijeh spring and pollute Barada in a mean and desperate attempt to destroy human and nature and to defeat the firmness of the Syrians who presented dear and precious for the pride and glory of Syria. They swear by the fragrant blood of their martyrs sons that they will be the strong supporters of the right and peace whatever pressures they will be subjected to.

 They are confident that Barada will get well again and will still be the artery that pumps life in the vein of its eternal believed Damascus.


Amal Farhat _the Syria Times correspondent