Dr. Shaaban Documents Talks between Late President Hafez Al-Assad and US Diplomat Henry Kissinger

Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban has underscored the need to strengthen cooperation between research centers and researchers in the Arab world in order to bridge the gap between real Arab history and history written by the enemies about our region and causes.

She told reporters following a symposium held Thursday in Damascus that it is important to write Arab history in different  languages because it is part and parcel of our steadfastness and resistance against western and Zionist plots that target Arab countries.

The advisor clarified that the former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher ignored very important facts in his diary about negotiations with the late President Hafez al-Assad.

 "The late President Hafez al-Assad has told Christopher that all countries are equal in dignity. He had not canceled his meeting with the Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto- who was in an official visit to Syria - in order to meet Christopher, who arrived in Syria without an appointment," Dr. Shaaban said.

She added that her book entitled ' 10 years with Hafez al-Assad', which was published in English in New York in 2012, refuted what had been written about Arab-Israeli negotiations .

Dr. Shaaban also wrote another book entitled 'Homeland' s Document' in which she focused on talks held between the late President Hafez al-Assad and the American diplomat Henry Kissinger, who served as Secretary of State in the administrations of President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

The book is published in Arabic and English and it affirms the late President Hafez al-Assad's keenness on national dignity during talks held over the occupied Golan and Palestine.

Basma Qaddour