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Cypriot Artist Holds Her First Individual Exhibition in Damascus

The Cypriot artist Janan Jan has held her first individual exhibition in the Damascus Opera House under the title 'Relief Sculpture'.

She used Ebru art [the art of drawing on water], decorative art and tin foil art to show Syria's civilization and its landmarks, such as Omayyad Mosque, Damascene sword and rose, Norias of Hama and Maaloula monastery, Arabic calligraphy and Melaweyeh dance.

Mrs. Jan told the official news agency (SANA) that her exhibition aims to show the message of love and peace which Syria spreads all over the world.

 "I have chosen Damascus to hold my first individual exhibition because of the historic relations between Syria and Cyprus, which have been the source of civilization in the Middle East," she added, asserting that cultural activities being held in Syria support Syrian army in fighting terrorism .

Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Damascus and several members of parliament attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which will last till December 29th.

The Cypriot artist was born in 1960 and she studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University . She has been living in Syria since 1995.

Basma Qaddour