Syrian, Lebanese intellectuals call for comprehensive cultural project against terrorism

Launching a comprehensive cultural project against terrorism has become a must, according to Syrian and Lebanese intellectuals, who are taking part in a two-day symposium held by Ministry of Culture in Damascus Opera House.

This project requires great efforts from intellectuals and clergymen to confront myths and falsehoods that extremists try to instill into minds of people, Minister of culture Mohammad al-Ahmad said in the opening ceremony of the symposium kicked off Sunday.

He asserted that Islam has nothing to do with Fatwas of extremists, adding that Syria, which is the cradle of civilizations, will never be a land for spreading criminal thoughts.

Another speech was given by Chairman of Arab Writers Union Dr. Nidal al-Saleh, who said:" Over the past six years, Syrians have fought darkness and  unacquaintance because their country is the cradle of word, humanity and life…The Syrians, who are paying the price for their adherence to culture of resistance and independent national decision, are able to protect awareness "

On his part, member of the Baath Arab Socialist party's regional leadership Dr. Khalaf al-Meftah called for setting up religious and cultural platforms at Arab and international levels to contribute to counterterrorism, according to the official news agency (SANA).

Cultural battle

The agency quoted Republic's Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badereddin Hasson as saying that today's battle in the world is cultural battle. "Religion without culture is ignorance; economy without culture is monopoly; politics without culture is tyranny. Culture is the key word that elevates Man," he added.

The first day of symposium included five lectures on roots of terrorism, the US-Zionist hegemony plot, decline in scientific method of thinking, decline in Marxist thought and reasons behind the decline of national project.

While the second day's lectures will focus on cultural confrontation against terrorism, media outlets' role in making public opinion and confronting terrorism, national tasks of the state, democracy, enhancement of citizenship principle and culture of dialogue.


Basma Qaddour