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Photos of Syrian Historic Landmarks Featured in Hungary

Syrian expatriate’s family in Hungary and several Hungarian photographers have held an exhibition in a cultural center in Szolnok city under the title “Syria is the Gate of the East”.

The exhibition aims to brief Hungarian people about history of Syria, which is facing a terror war started in 2011, according to the governor of Szolnok city, who asserted that the interest of Hungary and all world countries lies in the restoration of peace to Syria as soon as possible and in rebuilding it by Syrians themselves.

 On his part, organizer of the exhibition Dr. Monzer Ftimi, who has been living in Hungary for 15 years, said that Syrian expatriates in Hungary play a key role in explaining the real events taking place in their homeland.

He affirmed that Syria will remain the homeland which expatriates cannot forget.

The exhibition opened Sunday under the patronage of Szolnok city’s Governor and in the presence of two former Hungarian ambassadors to Syria plus head of the National Union of Syrian Students, members of the Forum for Syria and several Syrian students in Hungary.

It will last till December 16th.

Basma Qaddour