Syrian, Russian Artists Hold Exhibition in Moscow

Syrian and Russian visual artists have held an exhibition in Moscow showing Syria's situation before and after the terror war on the country.

Their art works depicted the effect of the ongoing war on Syria and the steadfastness of Syrian people in confronting the Takfiri terrorism, which is backed by western countries, Gulf sheikhdoms and Turkish regime, according to the official news agency (SANA).

 The agency quoted Syria's Ambassador to Russia Dr. Riad Haddad as saying- during the opening ceremony of the exhibition on Wednesday- that the event reflects integration through art language, which all world peoples do understand.

"Today, it is necessary to tell terrorism's supporters: stop killing and destruction of civilization's landmarks," the ambassador added, stressing that Syrian artists resist terrorism by their arts and unveil the Takfiri thinking , which is being spread because of regional and international powers' support.

He affirmed that Syrian people will remain steadfast thanks to its army and its friends that stand by it in fighting world systematic terrorism.

On his part, Cultural attaché in south Ossetia embassy in Moscow Vladimir Sergieve said that the exhibition proves Russian people's solidarity with Syria in fighting terrorism, which poses threat to the whole world.

"Russian artists' participation in the exhibition aims to prove that Syrians are not alone in their fighting to protect peace all over the world, " he added, indicating that the joint activity is an opportunity to have an idea about the rich culture of Syria.

The joint activity included paintings, sculptures an photos made by Syrian artists studying in Moscow in cooperation with their Russian colleagues.

Basma Qaddour