113 researchers document Syria's civilization

Syrian and foreign archeologists have contributed to highlight Syria's deep-rooted history depending on results of research methods and excavation techniques developed by international archaeological missions, which have discovered hundreds of archaeological sites in the country.

"A history of Syria in one hundred sites' is the title of a book written by 113 Syrian and foreign researchers to document Syria's civilization. It is based on archaeological scientific journey to the newly-discovered archaeological sites and covers a chronological scope extends to two million years of civilization.

 The four-chapter book– available both in printed and e-version-  contains description of archaeological sites excavated by archeologists in Syria, according to Tishreen newspaper.

The paper quoted the Syrian researcher Dr. Youssef Kanjou, who edited the book, as saying that knowledge of Syrian history will offer not only an increased understanding of the country but also act as a deterrent to the destruction of Syrian cultural heritage and facilitate protection of archaeological sites. 

"Knowledge of Syrian history will make Syrians proud of their history and will provoke the sense of unity," he added.

In short, The archaeological sites in Syria summarize Syrian civilizations and consolidate the idea that Syria is world peoples' second homeland.