"Memory of Homeland..Souriana" Exhibits Art Works Depicting Syria's Rich Cultural Heritage

DAMASCUS, (ST) - Culture Minister Dr. Loubana Moushaweh on Sunday opened "Memory of Homeland…Souriana" Exhibition at the Kafar Souseh Cultural Center in Damascus. More than a hundred oil paintings and photos in addition to a big number of historical documents are being displayed in the event which lasts till February 12th.

Held in cooperation with "Ladies of Syria" group, the exhibition shows Syria's deep history and civilization as a rich source of culture which has been able for ages to keep Syria's fingerprints on all scientific, cultural, economic and technical domains.

In a statement to SANA, Minister Moushaweh said "the exhibition refreshes the memories of its visitors and makes them realize the deep history, the original civilization and the great homeland they belong to."

She hailed the efforts exerted by the "Ladies of Syria" group, which comprises a number of Syrian women who have been keen to collect and shed light on some of the Syrian heritage works starting from their love to their homeland.

Lebanese freedom fighter, Samar al-Haj, who visited the exhibition, said the event depicts Syria as the land of civilizations and religions, stressing that some parties are targeting Syria's cultural heritage despite the fact that their countries don't even have any kind of cultural heritage.

She added "culture in Syria doesn't stop despite the tragic events Syria has been witnessing over the past two years."

Nille Miro, member of the Ladies of Syria group said what Syria has been facing is huger than a war, so we intended in the second part of exhibition to recall Syria's civilization, glorious history and points of strength.

For his part, artist Mahmoud Salem, member of the Friends of the Camera Club, said 50 photography works reflecting Syria's rich history and civilization are being displayed in the exhibition to stress Syria's beauty and ability to surpass crises.

"Syria is stronger than all crises and thanks to its people's efforts Syria will overcome all the obstacles hindering its progress.


H. Mustafa