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Aleppo Artists Make Beauty Despite Pain

Presidential Media and Political Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban has stressed that the Syrian citizens' adherence to their history, civilization and identity is behind homeland's steadfastness.

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the exhibition held Saturday in 'Aleph Noon' gallery in Damascus under the title 'Aleppo is our destination', Shaaban told reporters that she heard from artists participating in the exhibition the secret of the steadfastness of the Syrian citizens and the city of Aleppo.

 "The artists, who came from Aleppo, are making love and beauty despite pain. This is a world value which Syria can export to all world countries," Dr. Shaban said, indicating that the homeland's enemies are trying to destroy and burn Syria while the Syrians are enlightening the whole world.

 The exhibition, held in cooperation with Ministries of Culture and Tourism, includes 20 paintings and it will last till November 19th.

Basma Qaddour