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15 Artists to Take Part in ‘Aleppo Is Our Destination’ Exhibition

Around 15 visual artists from Aleppo will take part in an exhibition to be held Saturday in “Alef Noon” Gallery in Damascus under the title ‘Aleppo is Our Destination”.

The exhibition, to be held in cooperation with Ministries of Culture and Tourism, aims to remind Syrian people- who are interested in arts - of art movement in Aleppo and its role in cultural field, according to the Gallery’s Director Mr. Bade’a Jahjah.

 Mr. Jahjah added that the exhibition reflects the continuity of art works in Syria despite the terror war being waged on it.

Aleppo, the economic capital of Syria, has witnessed savage terror attacks over the past four years where a lot of innocent civilians were martyred and several historic sites were damaged.  

Basma Qaddour