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Do You Want to Know Why Saudi Regime Is Terrorist?

If you want to know why Saudi regime is terrorist, you can read a book released by Bahrain's Pearl Center for Studies and Research last June.

The 123-page book entitled 'Saudi Regime is terrorist … Why?' contains testimonies of Arab and foreign writers and journalists that uncover Al Saud regime's involvement  in supporting and funding terrorism, disseminating Takfiri thinking and implementing western and US plots in the region.

 It unmasks Al Saud regime's practices against Arab and Islamic nations and its destructive role in distorting the image of Arabism and Islam with the support of western intelligence agencies, according Yemen's Ambassador to Syria Nayef Ahmad al-Qanes, who gave a speech at the book signing ceremony held Thursday evening in Abo Remmaneh Cultural Center in Damascus by Ministry of Culture and Bahrain's Pearl Center for Studies and Research.

The Ambassador asserted that Saudi regime's massacres in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Bahrain prove that this regime is terrorist.

On his part, Mr. Mazen Hasan al-Qaq from Bahrain's Pearl Center for Studies and Research affirmed that Al Saud regime tried to control Arab media outlets and writers in order to prevent them from unveiling its crimes, but many writers disclosed the regime's crimes.

Photo of the book's cover summarizes, in a way or another, suffering of children from Saudi regime's daily crimes in some Arab countries. 

Basma Qaddour