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Moscow Hosts Exhibition on Destruction Wrought by Terrorism in Aleppo

TheRussian Capital has hosted a photography exhibition on damages and destruction wrought by terrorism in Aleppo city.

The exhibition opened Tuesday in 'East Civilizations' Museum in the presence of Arab and foreign diplomats plus some Russian officials and hundreds of visitors, according to the official news agency (SANA).    

The agency reported that the exhibition includes photos taken by the Syrian artist Hagop Wanisian and it comes within the activities that document  terrorist organization's crimes in Syria over the past five years.

"My works document terrorist crimes in Syria, especially in Aleppo, my hometown… Nothing is dearer to my heart than the homeland," SANA quoted the artist as saying.

 Mr. Wanisian expressed sorrow that western media outlets do not want to see or hear anything about the Syrians' suffering from terrorism, asserting the importance of preserving Syria's unity and independence.

On his part, Syria's Ambassador in Moscow, Dr. Riad Haddad said that the photos in the exhibition depict Syrian people's suffering from terrorism, calling for peoples all over the world to stand united against terrorism and its supporters.

"Aleppo will never allow terrorism and its supporters to do what they have done in historic Palmyra city. And lovers of human values will not allow the obscurantists of the 21st century to stop children's smiles and to seize their dreams," the ambassador added.

He referred to the steadfastness of Syrian people and army and strategic friends, who are standing by Syria in its fight against systematic international terrorism. 

Several Russian officials underlined the importance of the exhibition that shows the reality of events in Aleppo city, stressing that Russian people support Syrian people in confronting terrorism.

Basma Qaddour