Adeline's Book: Ma Syrie

When the link of Adeline Chenon Ramlat book, “My Syria” appeared on my Face Book wall, and just after a rather "common" first exchange with her on Messenger, at least I considered ordinary ... Adeline Chenon Ramlat, author of “My Syria” told me on our second very short conversation:

- Hello, where are you in Syria?

- Damascus.

- Can you come to Bab Sharki tomorrow before noon?

She was on a journey to Syria and bring with her from France, two copies of her Book, one especially for me. 


“My Syria”,  is that of the desert, a place that is as austere as its extended stones where we only learn to survive, and as gentle as a haven away from the hubbub of the cities, like a mint tea drunk around a night fire. In such a  place where live is so demanding and yet so seductive, Adeline Chenon Ramlat lived with the Bedouins, "wanderers" of savage depths, which have become her blood kinfolk.

Forget what you know about this country, Adeline offers a dive into another Syria, hers; where she lived with her two children. She tells us passionately about her first sight love with this land, her marriage, and life in the desert. She becomes the "other", that other from another world, glowing and vivid, educated and open-minded. Daughter-in Law of the village chief, she presents us through the course of the pages her calm or mad days, sad or funny, always with such a precision and modesty.

“My Syria” is a personal experience recitation which gives you the opportunity to be enchanted by a wonderful experience where the daily tangles reverie. Where princes are guarding their castles, hawks are watching over sleeping babies and, very tenderly, if you listen carefully you will hear women's laughter and the echoes of “The Arabian Nights’.

 "My Syria", where Adeline Chenon Ramlat speak with the keyword of life “passion”, of her unique and exciting experience in Syria: "In the desert, a Byzantine castle. Lost in the middle of nowhere, unique vestige of a bygone era, set there in the middle of nowhere, vast and pristine areas, ocher stone and arid dunes as a mirage, as a desire ... "

Thank you Adeline Chenon Ramlat for this exceptional and passionate encounter, because as you appropriately said, "Nothing occurs by accident". Yet, being able to take our coffee together here in the heart of Damascus, around a damascene fountain, murmuring songs of living spirits. This old city where at every turn of its narrow streets, is evoking the story of a passionate soul, from a dazzling morning full of white jasmine scent. All that can really put in the picture how the Syrian people is a surviving one; this is my Syria…your Syria Adeline… Our Syria.


Lama Alhasanieh