‘We are Syria’ campaign

Under the slogan”we are Syria”, a campaign was launched Saturday at the Damascus Opera House to call for lifting the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe on Syria.

The sanctions prevent the Syrian people from getting the humanitarian needs, especially medicines for children’s’ cancer and medical equipments as well as requirements for treating Persons with Special needs, the members of the ‘Sabaya al-Ata’a’ Association, which launched the campaign, said.

They underscored in several languages that Syria was a self-sufficient country before the start of the crisis in 2011. “Syria was providing its people and the Arabs living in it with educational and medical needs. But the ongoing crisis and the unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria led to the decline of the country’s ability to ensure these needs. ”

The association’s members also referred to the importance of the humanitarian aid being offered by the international organizations, stressing that the aid are insufficient to meet needs of the Syrian people.

They appealed to the international humanitarian organizations all over the world to press The U.S and the European governments to lift the economic sanctions imposed on Syria and to facilitate the import of medical devices and medicine to the country.

The activity held in the Damascus Opera House included songs in English and French and a short film depicting the goals of the campaign

Volunteers from all world countries, particularly from Russia, Germany, the U.S., Turkey and Sweden, will take part in the campaign launched by the association on facebook, tweeter, you tube and intagram.

Here the link of the activity on You tube : https://youtu.be/kzsHCf4jB7U


Basma Qaddour