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"Syrian Researchers" initiative

A group of Syrian undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students plus researchers in all scientific and academic fields residing in Syria and around the world from Japan in the east to USA in the west have launched the 'Syrian Researchers' initiative for conveying knowledge to the next generation.

The team translates international scientific news, research articles and discoveries into Arabic language to be published to the Arabic-readers by media outlets, the Tishreen newspaper reported Saturday, clarifying that that over 10725 scientific researches translated by more than 450 volunteers have been published on the internet.

The monthly number of visitors of the initiative's website reached up to 2.000.000. And the website's team were interviewed in the local and global media especially after the launching of the website that exceeded in a period of record the top 50-visited websites from Syria.


There are 8 goals for the initiative founded by Dr. Mouhannad al-Malek, a Syrian postdoctoral researcher in cellular signaling at Babraham institute in Cambridge, UK, according to the initiative's website.

The international goal is to cooperate and coordinate with international scientific and academic associations to ensure the scientific materials, researches and scientific articles.

While the local and regional goals are:

- Publishing the scientific researches and articles in Arabic for the Arabic readers.

- Spreading the notion of science and scientific research and raising awareness about the related issues in the Arab societies.

- Cooperate with Arab scientific and academic associations to assemble the efforts and develop the common work to achieve the goals

- Establishing a scientific Arabic TV channel.

- Publishing the researches conducted by Syrian and Arab individuals and associations.

- Encouraging and funding the scientific research.

- Supporting the Syrian and Arab students to complete their study in the international universities.

'science is the solution'

The slogan of the initiative, which includes scientific groups and technical and supporting groups, is 'science is the solution' and its values are credibility, intellectual property, joint work and scientific method. 

The work of the team is divided into two categories: The translation and publishing of scientific researches. Some of the volunteers work on translating the old and new scientific studies and researches, inventions and human creations believing in the crucial role of translation in the development of the society and its academic level. The second category is publishing the scientific works of the team and Syrian people.


Basma Qaddour