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Film by Lebanese Director shows how media outlets fuel terrorism in Syria

"Syria – The Challenge" is the title of a film directed by Mrs. Olgha Ibrahim al-Naqqash on the role of media outlets in fueling terrorism and aggression on Syria.

The film, which recently has been screened in Moscow, focuses on the misleading media campaign coincided with the terror war on Syria, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency clarified that the Lebanese Director explains in the film how some media outlets, especially Al-Arabiya and Al- Jazeera Television channels, have been involved in shedding the blood of the Syrians and in fueling the aggression on Syria.

Mrs. al-Naqqash has tried through her films and documentaries, including the film entitled 'Syria- The Challenge', to shed light on the malicious conspiracy hatched against Syria. She depends on transparent dialogues made with Syrian youths, who have been displaced by terrorist organizations


Add to the that, the film shows- in 80 minutes- Syria's struggle against the colonial schemes which aim to humiliate the Arab countries and people over the past 40 years.  It refers to the crimes perpetrated by terrorist organizations in Syria.

"The film, which took four years to complete, documents a dark stage in Syria's memory that must remain fresh in the minds of the next generation in order to know how the evil war was waged against Syria for its key role in the region," Mrs. Naqqash said.

She added that there will be another film entitled, "Syria-The Victory", stressing that Syria will triumph over its enemies.

Basma Qaddour