'Horan's Sanabel' festival proves people in Daraa stand by Syrian army

Around 117 children and youths from Daraa province have taken part in the 'Horan's Sanabel' festival kicked off yesterday in Basir town in the northern countryside of Daraa, south of Syria.

The festival held by the Directorates of Education and Culture in the said province on the occasion of the conclusion of the school summer club aims to tell the whole world that 'Horan's people stand by our armed forces and the people in Daraa are shaking off the dust of terrorism,' Member of the Bath Arab Socialist Party's Regional Leadership Mr. Arkan al-Shoufi stressed.

The Baathist official added:"children's smile is a symbol of our continuity which is an evidence of victory."

Deputy Minister of Culture Tawfiq al-Imam said that the festival is a cultural activity organized by Daraa governorate in cooperation with the Directorates of Education and Culture.

"Daraa is the land of peace and victories," he said.

The 'Horan's Sanabel' Festival, which was founded in 2013, was held this year with the participation of music bands from Daraa cities and from towns of Izraa, Jbab, Qita and Mothbin.


Basma Qaddour