Blind Association Holds Charity Festival in Lattakia

 In an attempt to raise the scientific , professional and cultural levels of the blind and finding  a new source to support the association's various activities, the Blind Association in Lattakia in cooperation with a number of civil and economic activities in the province is holding the 1st charity market in al-Orouba Park from 8 up to 10 September.

The 3-day exhibition displays the  blinds handicraft products , accessories, straw and bamboo products  . Several concerts and artistic shows are taking place in this event.

The incomes of festival will  go to the benefit of the Blind Association which provides the emotional, physical,  cultural, scientific and professional support  for the Blind

Talking about the purpose of holding such a festival, Mr. Michel Brephan, representative of the association and he is also an exhibitor, says that the increase of pressure that the society has recently suffered as a result of the large number of arrivals from other provinces in Syria to Latakia which increased the members of beneficiaries from the society's different services causing a severe decrease in funding . So they decide to do  something that provides them  with the money instead of waiting for donations, which often are not enough.

Brephan goes on to say: "Holding such an  event is considered  the first step toward dispensing donations, and if the event has met success we will rely on carrying out  such events throughout the year especially that it strengthens the confidence of blind with himself when his work casts appreciation on the one hand and becomes a way to earn living on the other hand.

The exhibits include dresses, embroideries  handicraft in addition to distinctive accessories made by a group of volunteers for the benefit of society".

As for the his own exhibits, he says : " I am displaying a wide range of handicrafts made of bamboo such as  trays and glass clothed with bamboo. During the past years I tried to I develop my talent and career as a way to earn a living . Dealings with people and customers has played a significant role in developing my work".

Hazar, is a  volunteer from the Mosaic Association for Relief and Development says that  they displays a range of handicrafts that they made from the simple materials. She stressed that  their great products are made to the benefit of the displaced families and needy school dropouts children .

Ayman Kusa, director of Samara LG Company, the official sponsor of the exhibition, says: "Since  the Blind Association is the only side that interests of this group of people in Lattakia , It is inevitable for us to provide more support to the it to be able to provide more services for the blind in Lattakia.

Consequently the idea of holding the 1st  charity exhibition was created  in an attempt to make people more acquainted with the various activities of the society which in turn helps to achieve good profits for the society.  Many cultural and economic activities are characteristically taking  part in this exhibition, which is considered a positive step to improve the level of the blind in all areas".

"We hope that this event will be held permanently every year and we will do our best to develop this experience even more and increase our exhibits and contributions from both within and outside the province."


Amal Farhat from Lattakia to the Syria Times