Former French ambassador proves Syria is victim of conspiracy

The former French Ambassador Michele Raimbaud has proved in his bold book entitled 'Storm on the Greater Middle East' [Tempête Sur Le Grand Moyen-Orient] that Syria is victim of conspiracy hatched in the west.

The book, which was translated by Dr. Lubana Mshaweh, includes 14 chapters about the roots and backgrounds of the so-called the 'Arab Spring', the role of some Arab regimes in promoting it, the political Islamic movements supported by the west and the Justice and Development Party Government in Turkey, the war on Syria, the spread of armed terrorism and the Russian-Chinese confrontation of the U.S. hegemony.

It underlines that the 'Syrian revolution' was arranged in cooperation with the 'Syria Democracy Program', which is financed by one of the Non-Governmental Organizations affiliated to the CIA.

"The imperialist aggression on Syria was arranged in 2001," the writer said in his book released last year, pointing out that the American diplomat Dennis Ross made the Syrian National Council (SNC) the main interlocutor with the west.

He explains how the Syrian opposition coalition was formed in accordance with Qatari initiative backed by France and Turkey, adding that all armed groups in Syria are affiliated to extremist Islamic groups, including the free army, which is composed of extremists linked to the Muslim brotherhood organization.

The former French diplomat publishes a photo of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his book describing him as an 'honest reformist' and secular man.

He asserts that the conflict of the international powers' interests is behind the war on Syria.

The translator of the book told the official news agency (SANA) that the book's writer is a French retired ambassador of a Gaullist trend and he is an eyewitness of the policy of his country and of the western policies.

"The French writer masters the Arabic language and he is against the conspiracy hatched in the west against Syria and the Arab region. He is also sad over what is happening in our country [Syria]," Dr. Mshaweh added.

She indicated that the work of Mr. Raimbaudin the western political kitchen for a long time made him familiar with what had been planned against the region over the past century plus Syria's role in changing the balance of world powers.

Her remark was made during a signing ceremony of the book held Sunday within the cultural activity program that coincides with the 28th Book Fair being run at the al-Assad National Library in Damascus from August 24th till September 3rd.

Dr. Mshaweh was born in Damascus city in 1955 and occupied different positions in the faculty of literature in Damascus. She is a member of the Arab Translators Union and she was awarded the title 'Knight' in the Order of the Academic Palms from the French government in 2006.

Since 2011, a foreign-backed terror war has been waged on Syria targeting its people, army, civilization and infrastructures in accordance with the US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the region and to have hegemony over its wealth.

About 360.000 foreign terrorists from 93 countries came to fight against the Syrians from April 2011 till January 2016, according to the German Firil Center for Studies. While media reports have confirmed that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, the U.S., France, Britain and Israel support – by all means-terrorist organizations operating in Syria.


Basma Qaddour