Syrian army fights 500.000 well-versed terrorists simultaneously on 462 fronts - Kuwaiti researcher

Member of the Kuwait National Assembly Dr. Abdulhamid Abbas Deshti has affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army is fighting over half a million gunmen, who are well-versed in guerrilla warfare, simultaneously on 462 fronts and it achieves victory over forces using hit -and-run tactics.

He said in his 391-page book entitled " The story of conflict over Syria" that the Syrian Arab army will gain more than what it has lost in the demographic war as the UNRWA's recent statistics show that the number of Syrian refugees fleeing the 'paradise of opposition groups' freedom' is two times higher than the number of Syrian refugees abroad.

The Kuwaiti writer confirmed that the war on Syria started in 1979 when it allied with Iran after the Iranian Islamic revolution achieved victory over Shah, according to the Tishreen newspaper.

"The late President Hafez al-Assad realized the meaning of Iran's move from the bosom of west to independence. So he allied with it and became the enemy of America which had waged overt war against the Iranian revolution…. The relations between Syria and Iran has enhanced since the late president Hafez al-Assad  refused Camp David Accords and the fragmentation of Lebanon" Dr.  Deshti said.


He clarified that Iran has become an ally to the Palestinian cause and the Arab causes, while the Shah was an ally to Israel.

Sedition and fragmentation

"The sectarian sedition among Muslims has become the first western goal to protect Israel from the threat of the Iranian Islamic revolution," the writer asserted, indicating that America and the CIA created an Islamic model in Afghanistan and used Arab and Islamic agents, who turned into leaders of jihadists in the world.

In 2000, the U.S. Administration and Israel launched principle of religious freedom in the Middle East in order to foment sedition and to fragment the region. They focused on religious minorities to fragment Egypt, Iraq and Syria  through using what the public opinion considers as Non-Governmental Organizations in fields of democracy and human rights.

"These organizations are but  means of the American soft war to spread chaos that serves Israel," Dr. Deshti stressed, pointing out that the American intelligence agents created facebook page on March, 15, 2011 to call for a Day of rage in Syria where the number of subscribers reached up to 26.000 persons.

He, in addition, explained how the disputes were fueled among the Syrian people and how the people realized that reconciliation is a way to save Syria.

The Kuwaiti researcher published in his book photos, cables, e-mails, links and interviews related to the war on Syria.

Basma Qaddour