Twin Ahd and Majd Abou Hadeer, Example of Talented, Ambitious Syrian Childhood

 Though the ongoing crisis in Syria has affected the lives of all Syrian families, particularly children, yet, the Syrians are now, more than ever, determined to keep challenging their hard circumstances and trying to build better future for the coming generation.

Twin Ahd and Majd Abou Hadeer, 12, are a good example of ambitious Syrian children, who, despite current crisis and with the help of their parents, have been able to find their way towards a better future through enhancing their musical talent.

"It is very necessary to make a better future for us," stressed the excelled twin in an article they co-wrote in the Children Arab Magazine "Osama".

Since early childhood, Ahd and Majd received special attention by their parents who were keen to enrich their education and develop their talents. Thanks to this care, the twin succeeded in being pioneers in playing the zither for two successive years at the country's level.

As they were good at music, their mother encouraged them to learn playing the zither (Qanoon) in Arabic, since, according to her, the one who used to do difficult things finds everything easy.

"We start to learn the zither at home and then at school where our teacher has the biggest favor in helping us sing and play musical instruments based on a musical notepad. Later, we participated in a concert at the Higher Institute for Music under her supervision. It was really a wonderful encouraging start," the twin said in their article.

In 2010- 2011 study year they were admitted as students at the Arab Institute for Music, where Ahd learned playing the Cello and Majd continued developing his talent of zither playing.

"It wasn't a problem for us to move to playing different musical instruments, as the most important thing for us was to lean music since it is the food of the souls," underlined the twin.

Beside music, the two kids have got other hobbies, like reading, painting and singing. They participated in a party at the Opera House marking Child Week occasion where they sang on stage for an hour.

"It was fantastic, we felt our hearts were about to stop beating when we stood on a huge stage and in front of hundreds of people coming to enjoy the party.

The two kids are keen to fill every moment of their free time in useful activities, so they keep reading useful world and Arab stories and Magazines.  They also have contributions to official newspapers, particularly the sport and entertainment pages.


H. Mustafa