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National Symphony Orchestra Plays "For Warm Winter" to Help Terrorism Victims

DAMASCUS, (ST)- "For Warm Winter" was the title of the musical evening performed yesterday by the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra at the Opera House in Damascus.

The evening, which was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, had a humanitarian social goal which is to provide some sort of assistance to victims of armed terrorist groups through an initiative by the Orchestra's own members, who have decided to replace the admission card with clothes and blankets to be collected in baskets from the audience upon entering the theatre. The baskets are to be distributed to makeshift sheltering centers where displaced families stay after terrorists attacked their areas.

The Symphony Orchestra played musical pieces from Tchaikovsky's Opera "Yevgeny Onegin" and from the masterpieces of musicians Edward Greg and Johannes Brahms.
The performance received great interaction by the audience, particularly because some of the chosen pieces touch the suffering the Syrians are experiencing and some other rise feelings of hope and happiness.

Maestro "Misak Baghbodrian" said "members of the orchestra wanted to share with the people of our homeland the critical circumstances they are passing through by collecting donations that may help the displaced and alleviate winter hardships after they had left their houses fleeing the criminal acts of the terrorists."

 He pointed out that the orchestra has decided to continue holding "For Warm Winter" series of musical evenings to further contribute to alleviating some of the suffering of our fellow citizens," hoping that the experience will be repeated in all the Syrian governorate.   

The National Symphony Orchestra was established in 1993 and now, it comprises more than 80 players. 


H. Mustafa