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'Chance for hope' exhibition kicks off in Hasaka city

Charity association in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program held Tuesday an exhibition in Hasaka city featuring handicrafts.

The three-day exhibition held under the title 'chance for hope' came 2 months after training the participants on making handicrafts and sewing in order to create job opportunities for them after providing them with raw materials  and machines by the UNDP, Director of the project Ghazeyeh Jalabi said.

She added that the UNDP gives monthly wages to the participants in the project.

"The participants have been selected from the most needy groups in the local society and from the displaced people. They have been taught on sewing, wool clothing and hand-made carpets," Jalabi clarified.

She indicated that the exhibition sales' revenues will be allocated for carrying out further projects by the "Charity and Social Services' Association.


Basma Qaddour