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Workshop on Protection of Cultural Heritage

DAMASCUS, (ST) - In cooperation with the International Scientific Committee to Prepare for Dangers affiliated to ICMOS organization, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums yesterday  afternoon held an online workshop on the protection of cultural heritage in times of crisis. The event took place in the Damascene Hall of the National Museum of Damascus.
A group of experts representing ICMOS and ICCROM organizations, by online, delivered  lectures addressed to the Managers of Antiquities in the governorates and all concerned bodies with the protection of the Syrian cultural heritage.
In a statement to SANA , General Director of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Mamoun Abdul Karim said: " This two-day workshop, which includes lectures focused on raising the capacity of Syrian experts in management and response to the effects of the different conflict in their positions and provide them with basic information on disaster management and response to emergency situations as well as setting up a network to repair the damaged heritage.

"This workshop was under the supervision of UNESCO and advisory organizations specialized in the protection of museums and archaeological sites," Abdul Karim said.

"The workshop was held with the participation of 200 specialists from the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums and the University of Damascus in order to listen to the procedures followed globally to protect archaeological sites during crises. 

Dr. Abdul Karim said that his directorate adopted a number of measures to protect museums and communicate with international companies to acquaint with new measures in the domain of ensuring necessary protection for these pieces.
The workshop is a first step in the framework of an integrated program of cooperation between the Directorate of Antiquities and the ICMOS organization to protect Syrian cultural heritage including gathering information on the damaged cultural heritage and forming an entrance to the exchange of technical information.

 Sh. Kh