ISIL Terrorists Blow Up Palmyra's Arch of Triumph

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- The terrorist organization calling itself the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant” (ISIL) has destroyed the archeological “Arch of Triumph” in the UNESCO-listed Syrian historical city of Palmyra.

Director General of Syrian Antiquities and Museums (GDAM) Maamoun Abdulkarim told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Sunday that local sources in Palmyra had confirmed that the arch, known as the Arch of Triumph, had been blown up and destroyed completely by ISIL extremist terrorist organization.

 “It is one of the many terrorist crimes being perpetrated by ISIL against the Plamyrene civilization and the human civilization in general, particularly as the historical city in Palmyra is the icon of archeological sites of the world,” Abdulkarim said.

This new destruction comes after confirmed news from the city about setting up explosives by ISIL around several historical monuments of the city, of which many have been reported demolished: Temple of Baal Shamin, the sanctuary of the Temple of Bel, and 6 tower tombs.

According to GDAM statment, this 3-entrance Arch of Triumph starts the Colonnade, topped by an arch with beautiful geometrical and plant ornaments. It was built by Septimus Sevirus between 193 and 211 AD. The arch represents a unique architectural and urban solution to connect the Colonnade and the yard leading to the Temple of Bel, with 30-degree rotated gates.

Since 1980, the ancient city of Palmyra has been registered on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, who called ISIL attacks on the city a war crime aimed at wiping out a symbol of Syria’s diverse cultural heritage.

The DGAM expressed worry about this significant historic city of the invasion of ISIL and its terrorists, for what Palmyra stands for of tolerance and multicultural richness, the things ISIL hates.

Hamda Mustafa