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Syrian Drama wins gold at Arab Radio and TV Festival

TUNIS, (ST) - The Syrian drama has won tow golden awards at the Arab Radio and TV Festival recently concluded in Tunisia.

"Tale' al-Fiddah" written by actor Abbas al-Nouri and directed by Seif Eddin Sbe'i won the top award of  Historical TV Series, while  the golden award of Social and Comedian TV series went to "Raffet Ein" by scenarist, actress and director Amal Arafa.

"Tale' al-Fiddah" depicted the history of Damascus at the beginning of the 20 century and tackled the early beginnings of the Arab Revolution and the end of the Ottoman State. It also focused on the deeply-rooted wonderful state of coexistence among religions in Syria.

In Raffet Ein, Amal Arafa depicted the life of the marginalized and downtrodden people who keep struggling to rid themselves from misery, but unluckily their fates foil them as they experience harsher circumstances.

The festival was organized by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) in cooperation with the Tunisian Radio and Television Association between December 23 and 27.

It covered a number of events including programs production market, media specialized seminars and the festival contest, as well as honoring a number of media and artistic figures on the occasion of declaring 2012 the year of Arab Radios. 

H. Moustafa