Mushaweh Honors Outstanding dignitaries in Arts and Literature

DAMASCUS, (ST)_In the presence of host of intellectual dignitaries, the Ministry of Culture held an honoring ceremony on Sunday to honor the winners of the State's Iincentive Awards(arts and literatutre) at al-Assad National Library in Damascus.

Writer Fawzat Rizq won the Literature Award while Ahmad Hussein came first in the Criticism and Studies Award and the Rts Award was dropped from the contest.

Addressing the attendees, Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mushaweh made it clear  that ''creativity mirrors the human soul and unveils its cravings and aspirations, 'adding creativity is a rejection of the very moment ---hatred to the intellectual sterilization----it is an open window  for new horizons and renewed experiments.

 "Furthermore,creativity has a controversial bond with the surrounding environment.Hence,creativity is but a production of a creative man that consequently led to world- integrated components harmony in form and content, explained  Mushaweh .

Mushaweh stressed that honoring outstanding figures is a state's duty to those who are excelled in their jobs.

"pioneers in all fields have a vital role in developing countries .In turn,a country has the fertile soil that produces creativity, "said Mushaweh.

"The two state's prestigious awards aim at consolidating a fresh concept for according much attention to arts and literature, "confirmed the minister.

The minister said that the prizes' committee has worked thoroughly and privately around the clock  to examine up to 80 books( novels, stories and collections of poems)presented by contestants.

For their part,Rizq and Hussein voiced  appreciation for honoring ceremony. lauding the Culture Ministry's efforts in promoting creativity.

Born in Suwaida in 1945,Rizq wrote a number of short stories and novels while Hussein,who was born in 1956,is interested in heritage and literature studies.