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Syrian Students Pioneered in World Olympiad Scientific Contests


DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The Syrian Scientific Olympiad  has crowned its  achievements for 2012 with several certificates of appreciation, won by members   of the national team in the international Olympiads  competitions in  mathematics, physics and  chemistry. A matter which reflects the evolution of performance at the individual  and team levels in achieving higher scores compared to those of  last year.

Chairman of the National Olympic Commission  Imad Mowaffaq Azab told SANA that the two members  of the  national team for mathematics Mohammed  Yazan Hamsho and Mohammed Kaddour  won two certificates of appreciation for Syria 's  participation for  the second running year in the Asian Olympiad  for mathematics , organized in Japan, while members of the national team  achieved  higher scores in comparison  with their marks     realized in 2011.

He continued that three members of the national team for physics  won certificates of appreciation in  Estonia  Olympiad. They are  Osama Yaghi , Mohammad Razzouk and Ghadir Shabaan , noting that member of the  national Olympiad team for Chemistry  Yazan Ghannam  achieved  35 scores in practical tests in Washington  equaling the mark achieved by the best student in the US to the said Olympiad.

He concluded by saying that evolution in the  performance of the  Syrian Olympiads reflects the quality of the hierarchically  work-based mechanism of  the competitions  and the organization  of  scientific training  and qualification courses under the supervision  of specialized trainers.

Worthy mentioning that most qualified  candidates are  selected  to represent Syria to the  International Olympiads for mathematics  in Columbia, Physics in Denmark,  and chemistry in  Prussia  to be held  in June 2013.

T. Fateh