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Adnan Mardambek House for Literature and Art Opens in Damascus

DAMASCUS, (ST) -Within the framework of the Culture Ministry's projects in Old Damascus, Dr. Lubana Mushaweh, the Minister of Culture, recently opened Adnan Mardambek House for Literature and Art.

Culture Minister said in a statement to the press that the project is of great importance as it aims at enhancing the culture of reading to be a main part of youths' life. It also stresses the role of books as a major source of knowledge.

"It is a great pleasure to meet at this Damascene house in which our great poet Adnan Mardambek was brought up to become one of the pioneers of Arab literature," the minster said, affirming that the poet imbibed his great love to Damascus from his father Khalil Mardambek.

Mushaweh appealed to everyone, who has a historical house, to preserve it and resort to the culture ministry with the purpose of opening it to the public for cultural purposes not only for tourism.

 Referring to a similar project called "Levant Book House", which is almost ready in old Damascus, Mushaweh said it was transferred from a small house to a meeting place for youths where they can benefit form the computers and books available to enrich their knowledge.

For his part, Qutaiba Mardambek, the son of poet Adnan Mardambek said this distinguished house goes back to the mid 18th century. It had witnessed the establishment of the Literary League in 1921 which brought together many literary figures of that time.

The ministry is keen to carry out such projects in other Syrian governorates.


Rawaa Ghanam