Book is the swing of childhood

The Ministry of Culture organized an exhibition entitled ‘‘Book is the swing of childhood'' which started at august 20, and will continue until 31 august.

This activity aims to send clear message to these countries which support the armed terrorist groups, that the will of life in Syria is stronger than terrorists' bloody death.

We want to teach our children how they can build their bright future. They have to forget this ugly image, the image of killing, destroying, pain, suffering.


The river of childhood is kind, clean, pure, but the terrorists the enemies of humanity want to change the nature of this river, they have plans to do it dirty, black, they plan to kill its trees, grass, pigeons, and swans.

The visitors of this exhibition have reviewed various books , these books lead our sons to respect the other opinion , how they  can accept their views ,  they should know that there are many colors ,thoughts , views , not just one of these products.

When the journalist asked the Minister of culture Mr. Issam Khaleel about which kind of books is the most important for children, he answered: I believe that every book is useful for children, but in the ministry of culture we are working to make the child's knowledge base strong and stable.

We should let our sons live their normal life. We should take them to gardens, theaters, restaurants, but at the same time we must lead them to read different kinds of books. When the child goes to garden what does he like to do?

Certainly he will follow ducks, swans, cats, he will play with swing, so the organizers of the activity had addressed it “Book is the swing of childhood".

We want to explain to our children that book is the best friend which tells you truth, helps you to understand the world and supports you to build flourishing future.

We thank our fathers, mothers, teachers, because they taught us that book is the most expensive treasure in this world.

The child who knows the value of book can be a useful member in his society, on the other side the child who doesn't read will be a less active member in his society.

Book is very rich world, this world opens its doors and windows and calls us to explore it, and we have to help our children to explore it with us.


Dr. Jihad Taher Bakfalouni

Syrian General Book Board DG