Photo Exhibition in Moscow in Solidarity with Syria

A photo exhibition on Syria was recently held in Moscow in expression of solidarity with the Syrian people. The event was organized by the Russian committee for Solidarity with Syrian people and the Russian Journalists' Union Photo Centre

Sergi Baburin, Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian People said he is deeply concerned over the critical situation in Syria due to the war waged by foreign-backed armed terrorists groups against the country.

He pointed out that holding the exhibition came to express Russia's solidarity with the Syrian people and with the journalists who confront the armed terrorists groups' savage acts with their writings.

For his part, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with the Syrian people Oleig Fermin said the situation in Syria is very worrying, necessitating more solidarity to enable Syria to withstand the current crisis and protect innocent Syrians.

He called for activating efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the friendly people of Syria to help them confront the unjust economic siege and sanctions imposed by the West on their country.

The Deputy Chairman referred to the serious damages, destruction and losses caused to the country's schools, hospitals, factories and holy places, because of the terrorists' attacks.

For his part, Dr, Riad Hadadd, the Syrian Ambassador to Russia, said holding the exhibition in Moscow consolidates the strong and deep relation of cooperation and coordination between the two friendly countries.

Haddad, who thanked the exhibition's organizing parties for holding this event, pointed out that the exhibition depicts the secure and stable situation which prevailed in Syria before the current circumstances.

He condemned the terrorists' acts of killing, destruction and kidnapping in addition to the crimes of assassinating journalists.

Director of the Russian journalists Union Photo Centre Valeri Ivanovit condemned the threats made by the terrorists against the Russian, Ukrainian and Iranian citizens in Syria, adding that the displayed photos depict Syria' beautiful geographical and social nature on the one hand, and the hostile acts perpetrated by the terrorists groups against this wonderful country on the other.

Rawaa Ghanam