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“Syria, Targeting and Conspiracy”

“Syria, Targeting and Conspiracy” is a new book recently published by writer Hussein Juma’a, who stressed that anyone who observed the Syrian crisis since its beginning, would immediately realise that it was a conspiracy that aimed to change Syria’s resistant role in confrontation of the imperialist and Zionist plots hatched against the Arab region with the aim of passing the Zionist project, advocating divisions among Arab states and igniting sectarian wars that serve Israel and its allies.

Dr. Juma’a views that the West and the US, in particular, have been seeking to control the Arab region through sinister plans at all political, economic and cultural levels. At the same time, these projects aim to support the Zionist entity in advocating a colonialist settlement policy in the region.

The current conspiracy against the Arab region came as a development of the previous colonialist projects which are no more convincing to Israel and its allies. So, they invented more malignant and wicked plans to guarantee their domination of the Arab region politically and economically.


Dr. Juma’a said that creative chaos came as a reshaping of the Great Middle East, the New Middle East or the direct military invasion with the aim of re-drawing the map of the region in a way that serves the US and Israel.

One chapter of the book was devoted to deal with the successive US administrations’ policies towards the Arab Homeland. He said that the US administrations have found a good opportunity to achieve their interests in the region through the so-called civil society organizations or internal and external oppositions capitalizing on international differences and social and political turmoil in the Arab societies.

The writer disclosed the US and Western plans in exploiting peoples and plundering their resources under the pretext of combating terrorism. He said,” it is they who create terrorism, violence and killing and call for achieving freedom, but at the same time they restrict the freedom of others in service of their interests as was the case in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Somalia. The US claims that it did not want to arm the Syrian opposition, but it ordered its regional allies, especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to offer all kinds of military aid to it.

In another chapter, Dr. Juma’a tackles the nature of the conspiracy which targets the whole region through creating seditions, divisions and plundering of resources.

Golan, the Key of Peace and War was the title of another chapter in which the writer talked about the strategic importance of Golan, its historical and geographic position which made it the target  of the Zionist greed. He also explained the Israeli measures of annexing Golan and wiping out its genuine Arab identity, highlighting the Syrian people’s complete rejection of the Israeli measures and their insistence to liberate Golan and return it to its motherland Syria.

The writer also addressed the means used by West to carry out its conspiracy against Syria, referring that part of the conspiracy was a fierce media campaign of instigation and misleading implemented through certain channels.

Concluding his book, Dr. Juma’a said that the Syrians will be able to overcome the crisis and emerge stronger thanks to their national belonging and strong belief in tolerance and peaceful co-existence.