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Syrian Programmer Designs Website for Fairouz Songs

His love to Fairouz, the worldwide famous Lebanese songstress, led Syrian programmer Hasan al-Arous to design a website special for the words of her songs. The website has so far contained about 80% of Ms Fairouz Albums.

"I'm fond of Fairouz songs," Al-Arous said, adding that he designed the website to provide an example of an attractive Arabic content on the internet that may enjoy the interest of browsers.  

The current copy of the website is developed from that of 2011, al-Arous pointed out.

He stressed that he is keen to design a similar website for Arabic songs in a more interactive way that helps browsers suggest artist’s name, album and song, write the song’s words, check information accuracy and load these information on web page.

The homepage of the website contains the pictures of the covers of Fairouz albums with her songs’ titles, and by clicking the title one can see and read the song’s words, according to al-Arous.

He pointed out that one can also obtain his/her favorite song according to Arabic Alphabet and by clicking the targeted letter one can see the songs which start with that letter.

 A targeted song also can be reached according to the name of the composer or the writer, he said.

Maher Taki