Caligraphy Exhibition"Whispering of Letters" Opened


Damascus(ST)-A Calligraphy Exhibition has  opened at the Arabic Culture Center at Abo Rumaneh district in Damascus.

The exhibition,entitled "Whispering of Letters", was organized by Caligraphy and Garnishing section at the Vocational Institute for Applied Arts.

Some 45 panels ,included different forms and types  of calligraphy that reflect the beauty of calligraphy,were displayed during the event.

Lubana Mushawih,the culture minister,brandeed the exhibition as rich in its intellectual content.

"the said exhibition is being held to mark the Arabic World Day as it was defined by the UN as the sixth official UN-adopted languages.The exhibition goal is to highlight the VIAA's activity,"added Mushawih.

Mushawih made it clear that the ministry will gain some panels in a bid to encourage participants.

For his part,the VIAA director Tarek Sawah underscored that the exhibition sheds light on the importance of calligraphy pointing out that the institution is the sole side that accords attention to this kind  of arts.

Maysa Wassouf