World Arabic Day

 Marking the World Arabic Day  on  December 18 of every year, the date on which the UN General Assembly designated Arabic as the sixth official language of the United Nations  and  it  becomes  a UN official language.

The World  Arabic Day's main purpose of celebrating  is to increase awareness about the cultural and social treasures of the Arabic language and gives an opportunity to discover more about the secrets of the language and its contribution to human civilization and culture. Besides, encouraging dialogue and communications among the member states United Nations member states.

Dr. Hussien  Juma'a ,Chairman of  The Arab Writers Union, made it clear that Arabic is the mother tongue for more than  300 million persons.

 It is a heritage –link language with a  deep-rooted  culture .Hence,that is why  the United Nations define Dec.18th ,1973 as World Arabic Day and consequently the Arabic language became   the  sixth  international official  language. All those  who speak Arabic should  be faithful to it and try to use all their  possible skills to speak good and accurate Arabic  at  all international forums in general and the UN –affiliated organizations in particular..

"A lot of  people  ignore the great value of  Arabic language by using  mixture of various languages, especially English, French and Spanish in their works which affect badly on the originality of Arabic." Dr. Juma'a concluded.

Maysa Wassouf