Syria Takes Part in Wahran Film Festival

DAMASCUS - (ST) - The 6Th session of Film Festival in Wahran city in Algeria opened yesterday with the participation of 3 Syrian films, the festival coincides with the cerebrations of 50 years for Algeria National Day.

Syria participated with tow features films entitled: “The Sail and The Storm” by the director Ghasan Shemet , and  “My Last Friend “ by the director  Joud  Saeed .  The films were chosen among 14 features and 13 short films in the competition of Al Waher Al Zahabi.

The Syrian short film “The Way” to the director Raslan Shemet took part in the competition of short films award among 13 films from 8 countries.

Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, UAE, the Sudan, Kuwait and Algeria are taking part in the festival. The event will last till December 22.

Nada Haj khidr