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Anzour's "Thousand Days Happened in Syria" Documents the Crisis in Syria

The renowned Syrian director Najdat Ismail Anzour had recently finished the technical operations for his latest work entitled “Thousand Days happened in Syria." This film is a documentary work that sheds light on the reality of the sinister conspiracy on Syria which caused great suffering and damage to the Syrians.

In a recent interview Anzour said: "The film -Thousand Days happened in Syria- is a documentary film which  includes many parts of a number of interviews and conversations of  personalities who  are known for  their objective stances  and thoughts about what is really going on in Syria.

"This movie reflects the   voice of the honorable Syrians who could defy the whole world defending for the security and stability of their beloved country. The film is of my own production and it is   translated into English and French." Anzour added.

In this film Anzour is keen on presenting the crisis in Syria in a different way than the other media do. In other words, he doesn't talk about the incident as happened on the ground, but he shows us how it was plotted and then discusses its repercussions.

Anzour has confirmed that the true artist is the one who does his best in defending and serving his people and nation’s issues.

"Art is a considered a real message that must be for the people and the nation, and I was seeking nowadays to work on a new film about the    terrorist organization Daesh. Indeed, Daesh is like an epidemic that threatens the dignity of the nation as a whole."Anzour concluded.

Maysa Wassouf