An Appeal for peace

Under the patronage of the youth Revolution Union (YRU) al-Sweida governorate has witnessed recently at its Education Theater a special play under the title of Peace .

The play which was performed in English language came within the students ' desire to launch a scream for adopting love ,tolerance and forgiveness in the face of foreign bids that aimed at destroying our country .

The play embodied  a conflict  a against the forces of evil which worked hardly to destroy the children 's world where  the participant  children in the play  exerted all-out efforts  regarding protecting their world and principles in the face of evil.

32 students from Qanawat village's various schools took part in the play. Most of the participant  students are from the elementary phase .The play  is considered as an individual initiative written by Nour Zarifa who is also a prominent  student at the secondary phase   in the village .

 In a statement to the Syria times reporter in Sweida Nour Zarifa who is the producer and the supervisor of the work said through the  play we want to launch an  appeal for peace , love and forgiveness as the only way out of our homeland's current ordeal.

''Our initiative came to express our love to our people , namely to the children who suffered a lot from our homelands current crisis,'' the producer said,   adding that we must shoulder  our responsibility regarding defending the children 's world which is full of beauty, love , happiness and innocence  .

''We must protect our children 's dreams and lives from current global war that aimed at destroying our new generation through spreading the education of violence and terrorism in our society .'' Zarifa said confirming  that our homeland is currently facing the whole world and through this play I want to express our students' full adherence and complete solidarity with their mother land Syria .

''Throughout history we proved for the whole world that we are a civilized people. Our coherence and  national unity are a clear example of our civilizes position.'' Zarifa added, reiterating the children full support and complete solidarity with their beloved Syria.

 The  supervisor also added that our children are recognizing what is happening around them and through their participation in this work, she noticed their full adherence by their motherland  Syria in the face of current crisis.

For his part the first teacher  of the English language in the city who is also head of the English language Department at the city's Education Directorate Nasib Dowara evaluated the language standard  , giving importance for the initiative which is the first of its kind in the governorate .

The Head also expressed admiration for the students ' efforts , calling for encouraging such initiatives  due to their role in developing the  language 's standard of the students and in revealing their talents .

The event was concluded by honoring the teacher of science Hashim abu- Saad and the teacher of English  laila Jahjah due to the their  role in ensuring certain equipments and costumes for the students .

Nahla Maaz-  al- Sweida province Correspondent