Haikal: Syrian Arab Army Is the Biggest Army Currently Fighting Terrorists of ISIL

CAIRO- Renowned Egyptian thinker and journalist Mohammad Hasanein Haikal has affirmed that the biggest army currently fighting the terrorist organization called the “Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) is the Syrian Arab Army, yet this army is not part of the alleged American anti-terrorism alliance.

In a TV statement broadcast by the Egypt Today website, Hailkal stressed that ISIL is a US-Turkish and Arab production.

“America and the Justice and Development Party of Turkey in addition to some Gulf countries have contributed to the creation of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant terrorist organization,” Haikal said, reiterating that America has achieved all it wants with the help of Arab funding.

 “Those leading the anti- terror alliance are the parties who helped creating terrorism,” Haikal stressed.

 The Egyptian thinker pointed out that “Barack Obama is seen in America as a failed president and he is not in a strong position neither militarily nor politically”. Haikal warned against a US plan to ask the Arabs in the Gulf to pay expensively the bills of meaningless wars; bills that will exhaust the Arabs’ resources, particularly after Obama had said that the battle with ISIL will last three years.

Haikal, who criticized attempts to use religion for domination purposes, clarified that most of the disasters inflicted upon the Arab world were caused by others.

He also condemned the destructive NATO aggression on Libya which encouraged tribalism and allowed arms companies and mercenaries to talk about deals at billions of dollars.

Hamda Mustafa