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“I Will Live on” Short Documentary Depicting Syrian School Children’s Determination to Challenge Terrorism

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Syrian-American Forum (SAF) has produced a short documentary titled “I Will Live on” to depict the strong determination of Syria’s children to challenge terrorist attacks and keep on living.

The five-minute film documents a terrorist mortar attack by armed groups against a school in Syria. Actors in the film, two children, a father and a teacher, are real characters telling the details of the event and the psychological repercussions of this incident on the children.

Iskandar Shalhoub, President of the SAF branch in Florida, told the official news agency SANA that the documentary, which has an English translation, focused on children as major victims of terrorism in Syria and it depicted their courage and challenge against fear from terrorists through a phrase said by one of the children: “I Will Live on”.

“It is a humanitarian message to the entire world and the American people in particular, stressing that human and children rights are being violated in Syria by armed and bloody terrorism,” Shalhoub said, hoping that such works will influence the American public opinion and help the Americans know what is really going on in Syria instead of depending on their media misleading reports.

For his part, Director of the film, Talid al-Khatieb said “we aimed to uncover the terrorist groups’ crimes against school children in Syria and to stress that despite the pain and sorrow caused to the Syrian people, including children, those very children “were a true inspiration and a source of strength, pride and commitment for continuity and resilience.”


H. Mustafa